Covid Catalyst Update

by / Wednesday, 13 May 2020 / Published in news

COVID Catalyst Awardees Announced!


Congratulations to our Covid Catalyst awardees for being selected for bridge funding for their high-risk, innovative, and important research on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Awardees by institution:

UC Berkeley

Kunxin Luo – High affinity soluble ACE2 decoy receptor approach for Covid-19







Russell Vance –  Targeting the inflammasome to combat Covid-19





Michael Rape –  Improving efficacy of remdesivir






Eva Harris – Cyclodextrin use to combat Covid-19








Sarah Stanley – Repurposing screen of approved compounds for Covid-19





UC Berkeley Drug Discovery Center – Central repository for reagents for Covid-19 research







Julia Walsh – Novel LAMP POC diagnostic for Covid-19






Michael Marletta – Nitric Oxide effects on Covid-19 infection







UC Davis

Richard Levenson –  Intranasal Chitosan for Covid-19






UC San Francisco

Paola Betancur – CD47 inhibition to combat Covid-19






Marcelle Cedars – Pregnancy outcomes and Covid








John Metcalfe – Covid outcomes in HIV patients




Bruce Wang – Cell types that get infected in patients during Covid-19







Charles Craik – Target based screen for Covid-19




Janet Wojcicki – Covid-19 in LatinX populations






UC Santa Cruz

Nader Pourmand – Novel POC diagnostic for Covid-19







Brice Gaudilliere – Immune response characterization during Covid-19 infection





Taia Wang – Immune response characterization during Covid-19 infection





Jayakar Nayak – Iodine nasal spray to combat Covid-19 infection





Congratulations again to our awardees and we look forward to your exciting research!

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