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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for better integration of science and policy in a sharp focus. The 13th Annual CEND Symposium "Rapid innovation in a highly regulated space - what can we learn from COVID-19 for pandemic preparedness?" aimed to provide a forum for interdisciplinary thought exchange and development of ideas about how to best harness academic innovation and reserve capacity, and how to develop regulatory frameworks in times of crisis.

This two-day conference featured lectures from thought leaders in drug development, health policy, and other relevant fields, as well as workshops to develop tangible ideas for publication in a conference report.

Videos from the 13th Annual CEND Symposium are available on CEND's Youtube channel.

COVID-19 Resources

CEND COVID Central Reagent Repository

As a service to the community, CEND will provide storage and sample management to store and ship reagents to users worldwide. If you would like to submit a reagent, please contact us here.

FEATURED VIDEO: CEND investigator Dr. Wayne Getz "The Great COVID-19 Pandemic: A Disease Ecologist's Point of View"


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