CEND Annual Symposium

The 14th Annual CEND Symposium was a success!



Emerging and neglected diseases are a group of debilitating and often deadly infections. As a group, these diseases are poorly understood and generally lack effective tools for prevention, control, and treatment. CEND Annual Symposium aims to strengthen connections between San Francisco Bay Area scientists working on infectious diseases of global health importance and the broader global health research, product development, and advocacy communities. The symposium features a dynamic list of invited speakers from around the world, including scientists from developing countries. Participants include academic researchers from UC Berkeley, UCSF, Stanford, UC Davis as well as representatives from local biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and global health nonprofits.

The symposium speakers (from left to right): John Link, Rhea Coler, Delali Attiogbe Attipoe, Thierry Diagana, Julia Schaletzky, and Judd Walson.

The focus of the 14th Annual Symposium was Fundamental Mechanisms, Breakthrough Therapies and Beyond. We were finally back in-person, which facilitated lively discussions amongst students, faculty, speakers, and other guests on topics ranging from circadian rhythms in malaria parasites to vaccine development for tuberculosis control. At the end, CEND Fellows, PREP Scholars, and other Berkeley students presented posters on their research projects, fielding thoughtful questions from audience members.

Speakers included:

Presentation by Dr. Thierry Diagana of Novartis
Poster presentation session



The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for better integration of science and policy in a sharp focus. The 13th Annual CEND Symposium "Rapid innovation in a highly regulated space - what can we learn from COVID-19 for pandemic preparedness?" aimed to provide a forum for interdisciplinary thought exchange and development of ideas about how to best harness academic innovation and reserve capacity, and how to develop regulatory frameworks in times of crisis.

This two-day conference featured lectures from thought leaders in drug development, health policy, and other relevant fields, as well as workshops to develop tangible ideas for publication in a conference report. Videos from the 13th Annual CEND Symposium are available on CEND's Youtube channel.


The focus of the 12th Annual Symposium is: Tackling Emerging Infectious Diseases - Ebola, Fungal, HLB.

Speakers included:


"Molecular Diagnostics, Antibiotic Resistance, and Helminthic Diseases”
The 11th annual CEND symposium addressed three core themes: Molecular Diagnostics, Antibiotic Resistance, and Helminthic Diseases. During each of the three sessions, three speakers presented scientific research projects, product development, and policy. Topic-specific panels at the end of the session allowed the audience to pose questions to all three of the speakers at once.

For a recap of the 11th Annual Symposium, please follow this link.

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