11th Annual CEND Symposium Agenda ANNOUNCED!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 by

The Henry Wheeler Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases (CEND) Annual Symposium aims to strengthen connections between scientists working on infectious diseases of global health importance and the broader global health research, product development, and advocacy communities. The focus of the 11th Annual Symposium is: Molecular Diagnostics, Antibiotic Resistance and Helminthic Diseases. Friday, January 11, 2019

Check out some flashbacks of BayViro 2018!

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BayViro is a resource for scientists, engineers, and clinical researchers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each year we host the BayViro Symposium, which gathers scientists from around the world to talk about viruses, biotechnology, innovation in medicine, and more. For a full list of videos, head to our YouTube channel!

The MHIRT application deadline has been extended to Monday, November 26th, in order to allow applicants a longer opportunity to complete their applications and reach out for their letter of recommendation. For information on the MHIRT program application, please follow this link.

2018 MHIRT Fellow , Dimitrios Camacho, speaks about his fellowship program in Dominican University’s Global Research news. “‘My mentors… advised that I should broaden my interests’ Dimitrios explains. ‘I’m really interested in learning about and applying universal molecular techniques which can be used across different organisms to tackle a wide variety of problems and concerns.

Cend’s 10th Annual Symposium: A Recap

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By: Robyn Jong, Stanley Lab and Julia Schaletzky On January 12, 2018, the Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases (CEND) held its 10th annual symposium at UC Berkeley. This year’s theme of “Confronting Persistent Epidemics” reflected the enduring need for new strategies to combat ongoing global disease outbreaks. The first three talks of the morning

CEND’s 9th Annual Symposium: A Recap

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By: Allison Terbush, Coscoy Lab Photo credit: Katherine Chen, Vance Lab It is estimated that up to one-third of the global population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the infectious agent of tuberculosis disease. Tuberculosis itself, and in combination with other complicating circumstances such as HIV infection, is among the leading causes of death world-wide. Despite this

Aduro CEO Stephen Isaacs talk about IVRI and the Alliance for Global Health and Science during the opening bell for Nasdaq Market in New York City on March 28. Video can be found here.

This coalition is gearing up for the fight against infectious disease. Here’s what they’re doing: “Over the next 5 years, the CEPI plans to bankroll the development of vaccines against three viral threats—Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-coronavirus, Lassa, and Nipah—so that small outbreaks never get a chance to become raging epidemics. Formed last year without serious funding,

UC Berkeley pioneers immunotherapy

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UC Berkeley’s Immunotherapeutics and Vaccine Research Institute is changing the way we think about cancer and infectious diseases. It turns out that these two have a lot in common, and IVRI is utilizing discoveries in both fields to create strides in treatment. The current issue of the journal Science Immunology features Russell Vance, Daniel Portnoy, Michael Eichberg, and David

2016 MHIRT Fellows, Frida Ceja’s and Alexis Toruño’s, international summer research experiences profiled in Dominican University of California newsletter. “Last spring, Alexis [Toruño], along with biology major Frida Ceja ‘17, received National Institute for Health (NIH) Global Health Disparities Research Fellowships through UC Berkeley’s Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases. The fellowships were funded by

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