Analyze the impacts of COVID-19 mitigation: a new web app designed by CEND faculty Dr. Wayne Getz and colleague Richard Salter

by / Tuesday, 11 August 2020 / Published in news

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, policy makers need to make decisions quickly. Unfortunately, they are missing powerful, flexible analytical tools to do this. Dr. Getz and Dr. Salter designed a new web app called NMB-DASA, to evaluate the impact of different parameter values and drivers on incidence rates, including, surveillance, social distancing (rate and efficacy), social relaxation, quarantining (linked to contact tracing), patient treatment/isolation and vaccination processes.

NMB-DASA allows policy makers to project the increase and decrease of coronavirus cases and deaths. The authors illustrate in preprints and training videos analyses and projections of COVID-19 outbreaks in IsraelEngland and South Africa.

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