Provide exceptional research opportunities to underrepresented recent college graduates
More than 30 diverse faculty mentors with broad research interests support the program
PREP@UC Berkeley offers students research excellence across the disciplines, a chance to work alongside world-class researchers, and access to state-of-the-art research centers and facilities. PREP@UC Berkeley faculty mentors have broad research interests in line with the NIGMS mission (e.g., understanding of the principles, mechanisms, and processes that underlie living organisms, often using research models), and have a demonstrated commitment to undergraduate and graduate education.

The majority of our PREP@UC Berkeley faculty are members of the UC Berkeley Department of Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB). The MCB Department consists of 92 labs and is divided into 5 divisions: the Divisions of Immunology & Pathogenesis (IMP), Neurobiology (Neuro), Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB), Biochemistry, Biophysics, & Structural Biology (BBS), and Genetics, Genomics & Development (GGD). Learn more about individual faculty research interests.
Each PREP scholar will construct an Individual Development Plan (IDP) supported by their faculty mentor, PREP PI and program director, using the tools developed on campus by QB3-Berkley.

Scholars will participate in tailored workshops that we are going to design specifically for the cohort and will be able to take into account scholar’s individual needs for training, such as, time management, an introduction to lab culture, how to keep a lab notebook, how to interview with faculty when selecting a lab, how to succeed in the research lab, and how scholars can make the most out of their PREP year.

Scholars will attend career-development workshops as part of the program. Professional development will be led by the Program Coordinator and guest speakers, focusing on core competencies for graduate students. We will feature topics such as Responsible Conduct of Research, Scientific Presentation, Networking, Scientific writing, How to build your resume, Stress Management, Personal branding, Negotiation, Scientific communication, Vocal coaching/body language for presentations, How to overcome imposter syndrome, Academic governance/structures and Design Thinking.

Mentoring: Quarterly, each PREP scholar will meet with a faculty adviser (an independent PREP faculty trainer) and PREP PIs. The goal of these meetings is to optimally support career development, discuss individual development plans and mentor scholars on how to best position him/herself for graduate school. They will help edit proposals, papers, suggest awards, and provide feedback on application documents and conduct mock interviews with the candidate. Discussions will also focus on how to be a role-model in their future graduate school.
The PREP@UCB is guided by the idea that providing research opportunities, career development and community building for underrepresented students inspires and empowers those students to pursue research, medical, or other global health disparities-related careers.

To build a community, PREP scholars will have the possibility to meet graduate group members throughout the academic year; interact informally with more junior students in their mentor’s labs; and expand their network to stakeholders from underrepresented communities on campus, including faculty, diversity advocates and other campus representatives, students and student associations.

PREP@UC Berkeley


The objective of UC Berkeley Post-Baccalaureate Research Program (PREP@UC Berkeley) is to provide hands-on lab research training opportunities to recent B.Sc. graduates with limited research experience. The goal of the program is to prepare scholars for successful Graduate School application within a year. This will strengthen their candidacy for admission to the nation’s strongest Ph.D. programs, and prepare them to earn Ph.D. degrees in the biomedical sciences.

Appointments in PREP@UC Berkeley will consist of research in a dedicated mentor’s lab, and professional development through seminars specific to PREP, workshops offered to graduate students more generally, and upper division or graduate coursework.

Scholars will receive:

  • Full stipend $31,000+ per year, plus healthcare benefits for the duration of the one-year
  • Funds to travel to national/scientific conference
  • Professional development workshops
  • Program support for graduate school applications
  • Mentoring

Program dates:  June 2024 –  May 2025

PREP@UC Berkeley is funded by the US National Institutes of Health via R25GM140276, with additional support from UC Berkeley.

Contact us: Julia Schaletzky, PI ( ) or Gian Garriga, co-PI (

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