PREP@UC Berkeley


The objective of UC Berkeley Post-Baccalaureate Research Program (PREP@UC Berkeley) is to provide individuals from underrepresented groups who have recently obtained their baccalaureate degrees with intensive research experience. This will strengthen their candidacy for admission to the nation’s strongest Ph.D. programs, and prepare them to earn Ph.D. degrees in the biomedical sciences.

Appointments in PREP@UC Berkeley will consist of research in a dedicated mentor’s lab, and professional development through seminars specific to PREP, workshops offered to graduate students more generally, and upper division or graduate coursework.

Scholars will receive:

  • Full stipend $31,000+ per year, plus healthcare benefits for the duration of the one-year
  • Funds to travel to national/scientific conference
  • Up to $2,000 to cover scholar supplies (laptop, books, software)
  • Professional development workshops
  • Program support for graduate school applications
  • Mentoring

Program dates:  June 2022 –  May 2023

Program Director

Celine Perier, PhD

Office: +1-510-664-5384

PREP@UC Berkeley is funded by the US National Institutes of Health via R25GM140276, with additional support from UC Berkeley.

Contact us: Julia Schaletzky, PI, Gian Garriga, co-PI and Celine Perier, Program Director (

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