April 30, 2017: Irving H. Wiesenfeld, Kathleen L. Miller Graduate Fellowship

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2017 CEND Research Fellowship: Irving H. Wiesenfeld, Kathleen L. Miller Graduate Fellowship

The purpose of the Irving H. Wiesenfeld, Kathleen L. Miller Graduate Fellowship is to provide research support to UC Berkeley graduate students of high distinction involved in the study of emerging and neglected infectious diseases, including basic science, discovery of effective treatments, diagnostics, and vaccines, or policy, law, economics in national or global health. The fellowship can be used to support research expenses, equipment, travel, and scientific or scholarly exchange between UC Berkeley and researchers in disease-endemic countries. Through the fellowship, awards of up to $5,000 will be made to qualified individuals.

Past recipients of this award have explored the complex interactions of pathogens, host immune responses, and environmental factors that contribute to infectious disease. Their work has been conducted in the laboratory, as well as the in communities where these diseases are most prevalent. Each fellow is expected to present a seminar within one year of receiving the fellowship, and they must also submit a half-page report on activities by the end of the award year.

Eligible Applicants

Masters or Doctoral (PhD) students in any discipline, including but not limited to the life sciences, chemistry, engineering, environmental sciences, math and information sciences, economics, business, policy, and public health are eligible for the fellowship. To apply, you must be mentored by a UC Berkeley affiliated investigator.

To Apply

Submit a complete application package by April 30, 2017. As part of the application, you must develop a brief research proposal with the guidance of one or more faculty mentors at UC Berkeley (or UCSF if you are a UC Berkeley PhD student completing dissertation research at UCSF). Applications will be reviewed by a panel of CEND faculty members and awards will be announced in May 2017.

To apply, email the following materials to by midnight on April 30, 2017:

  • Research Proposal (2 pages): project background, aims, methods, and technical and health significance
  • Curriculum Vitae (2 pages)
  • Budget (1 page): travel, lab supplies, and other support
  • Email of Recommendation (1 paragraph) from faculty mentor

Evaluation will be based on technical merit and the relevance of the project to emerging and neglected infectious diseases. Research proposals should clearly identify the fellow’s role in the project (as distinguished from the roles of faculty mentors or members of the lab) and the specific objectives and/or deliverables expected by the end of the fellowship.

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