Sarah Stanley, PhD

Sarah Stanley, PhD

Alliance Scientific Advisor

UC Berkeley Assistant Professor, School of Public Health and Molecular & Cell Biology

Sarah is a founding member of the Alliance for Global Health and Science and has a role as Scientific Advisor. In addition to her in-depth expertise in infectious diseases, particularly tuberculosis, she is passionate about scientific capacity building in low and middle income countries and has mentored many students and scientists from abroad. Sarah’s training includes a PhD from the University of California, San Francisco, where she studied the molecular basis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis with Jeff Cox, and postdoctoral training at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, where she used high-throughput screening to identify new inhibitors of M. tuberculosis infection. Sarah is currently an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley with appointments in both the School of Public Health and Molecular and Cell Biology. Her research program focuses on elucidating the basis of protective immunity to M. tuberculosis infection, with the ultimate goal of discovering novel interventions for preventing and treating tuberculosis.

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